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Gold Processing Plant

  • Gold ore beneficiation process includes gravity separation and flotation process, CIP, CIL process, and heap leaching, etc. Our process is suitable for separating all gold-containing minerals such as placer gold, rock gold, sulfide gold ore, etc.
  • support custom complete gold processing solutions and equipment according to the specific types of gold ore.

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Gold Beneficiation Process

The gold beneficiation process is gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, cip, cil , heap leaching and other combined methods.

  • Alluvial/Placer gold process: The gold concentrate of placer gold ore has a high content and mostly exists in the form of sand grains. Therefore, gravity separation is often used when sorting. After pretreatment, desliming and washing of ore, coarse gold ore particles can be directly obtained by gravity separation process.
  • Rock gold process: The hard rock gold processing plant is very efficientwith a recovery rate of 95%, primarily by removing most of the individual crude gold ore through gravity separation process. Commonly used processes also flotation, CIL and CIP process.
  • Associated gold ore process: depleted sulfide gold ore, polysulfide gold ore, gold-bearing polymetallic ore, telluride-bearing gold-gold ore, and gold-bearing copper ore. According to the nature of the ore, the application of multiple combined processes is often used to select the minerals separately.

Gold Ore Processing Plant

Gold ore processing plants are common including washing & screening, crushing & grinding, beneficiation, concentrating, drying or smelting.

1. Washing & screening: It is mainly to remove the mud in the placer gold ore, or to make the particle size meet the requirements of the sorting operation.

2. Crushing & grinding: The content of gold in the ore is extremely low. To extract gold, gold ore processing equipment crushes and grinds the ore and adopts ore dressing methods to pre-enrich or separate gold from the ore.

3. Beneficiation stage: According to the characteristics of various types of ores, one or more comprehensive separation processes of gravity separation, flotation, cyanidation, carbon slurry and adsorption are adopted.

4.  Tailings processing: Generally,  the concentration + filtration + dehydration process is mostly used. If required, suitable reprocessing can also be customized according to the nature of the tailings.

5. Smelting: After obtaining high-purity gold, it can be cast into gold nuggets, coins or other shaped products by melting furnace according to needs.

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