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Gold CIP Processing

  • The gold CIP Carbon-in-Pulp is widely used to extract gold from ore. It mainly involves using activated carbon to adsorb gold from a cyanide solution, then eluting and regenerating the carbon for reuse.
  • It is mainly suitable for beneficiating gold-containing oxidized ore with high slime content and containing carbon ore. Easy to operate, consumes little and the recovery rate is over 90%.

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Gold CIP Process

Gold CIP (Carbon-in-Pulp) process uses activated carbon for adsorption based on oxidation leaching, which can increase the gold leaching rate. The main flow including crushing, grinding, leaching pretreatment, leaching, and activated carbon adsorption processing, gold-loaded carbon desorption and electrolytic stage, and tailing water recycle system.

  • Crushing & grinding: The gold ore is first crushed and ground to extremely fine particle size to match the size of the subsequent gold extraction process.
  • Leaching: Usually cyanide is added to the slurry as a leaching agent to help dissolve the gold in the ore.
  • Adsorption: It involves the introduction of activated carbon into the slurry, capable of selectively adsorbing gold from the slurry.
  • Carbon separation: A slurry containing gold-loaded carbon particles is passed through screens or filters to separate the carbon from the slurry.
  • Elution: It involves using chemical cleaning agents to strip the adsorbed gold from the carbon particles. It is primarily done by washing with a hot caustic/cyanide solution.
  • Electrolysis: An electric current causes gold to be electrochemically deposited on the cathode, forming solid metallic gold.
  • Smelting: The gold deposited on the cathode is usually melted and refined by smelting to cast it into bullion or other forms.
  • Regeneration: Spent carbon is heated to high temperatures, usually in a kiln or furnace, to remove impurities and restore its adsorption capacity.
  • Tailings treatment: Tailings contain various chemical substances or minerals, usually stored in tailings ponds or tailings reprocessing for further management and to reduce environmental impact.

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