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Kaolin Processing PlantKaolin Processing Plant

  • Kaolin processing and beneficiation can obtain high-purity products, increase the quality and utilization of minerals, and meet some high value-added market applications.
  • Maximize kaolin grade and recoveryAchieve the necessary high brightness standard for kaolin applicationsOptimize cost-performance of plant operations

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Kaolin Beneficiation Process

According to the ore’s final application field, kaolin beneficiation process can be divided into dry and wet beneficiation. When the kaolin after beneficiation is used in the rubber industry, paper filling, glass fiber, or sanitary ware production, dry beneficiation is used. When used in the paper industry, wet beneficiation is used.

  • Dry beneficiation: This method separates kaolin ore with low water content. Dry beneficiation usually includes coarse crushing, magnetic separation, gravity separation and other steps to remove impurities in ore and improve the selectivity of ore. Adding water during the dry beneficiation process is unnecessary, which can save water resources.
  • Wet beneficiation: This method is suitable for purifying kaolin ore with high water content. Wet beneficiation usually includes flotation, wet gravity separation, magnetic separation and other steps, which can more effectively remove ore impurities and improve kaolin’s purity. Adding water during wet beneficiation helps form flotation froth, making it easier for ore particles to combine with the air bubbles to achieve separation and purification.

The specific kaolin beneficiation process needs to be selected according to the properties and requirements of the ore to realize the separation and purification of kaolin ore. will comprehensively consider factors such as engineering economy and environmental protection to ensure efficient, stable and sustainable development of the kaolin beneficiation plant.

Kaolin Processing Plant

150TPH kaolin processing plant, main equipment and details as follows:

  • Stone washing machine
  • Scrubbing machine
  • Trommel screen
  • Spiral sand washing machine
  • Hydrocyclone group
  • Dewatering screen

Free Flow Design

1. Use a forklift or an excavator to send the raw materials into the hopper, and then the feeder below feeds the raw materials to the trough washing machine through the Belt Conveyor. The main function is to disperse, stir and clean the agglomerated kaolin.

2. Feed the material to the scrubber for further washing. The main effect is to rub better and shed the slime on the kaolin.

3. Put the washed material into the trommel screen to screen out large pieces of waste, and then send it to a distant place by the belt conveyor. Among them, the material under the sieve enters the double-screw sand washing machine.

4. The overflow of the double-spiral sand washing machine is kaolin concentrate, and the bottom flow enters the second sand washing machine for cleaning again. Subsequently, the underflow enters the wheel sand washing machine. The overflow is concentrated ore, and the bottom flow is dehydrated twice. Finally, the material on the second dewatering screen is coarse-grained waste sent away with a belt conveyor. Below the sieve is kaolin concentrate.

5. Kaolin concentrate overflowed from two spiral sand washers and wheel sand washers entered the first pool. The under-sieve concentrate after two dehydration passes into the second pool.

6. Use the slurry pump to send the concentrate from the first pool to the first cyclone group, the overflow is concentrate, and the underflow material is dehydrated. The material on the dewatering screen is medium-sized waste, which a belt conveyor transports away. Then the concentrate under the sieve enters the second pool.

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