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Dewatering Screen

The dewatering screen is also called “dewatering vibrating screen”, it uses vibrating motion to separate the solid part from the slurry.

  • Capacity:5-250 tph
  • Screen size:1.6-10.8m³

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What’s a Dewatering Screen?

The dewatering screen is also called “dewatering vibrating screen”, it uses vibrating motion to separate the solid part from the slurry.
It is mainly used for the dehydration of tailings in the mineral processing industry, coal slime dehydration of coal preparation plants, and dehydration of washed quartz sand and ceramic slurry; in mining and industrial industries, it is used for dry-wet classification, dehydration, disintermediation and desliming of medium and fine materials.

Working Principle Of Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screens adopt dual-motor self-synchronization technology, a general-purpose eccentric block, and an adjustable amplitude vibrator. The material with high water content is introduced into the basket or cylinder of the dewatering screen through the feed port. The material is moved at high speed by the centrifugal force of the dewatering screen. Moisture is separated from solid materials to form two parts: water and solid materials. The separated water is discharged through the discharge port of the dewatering screen, while the solid materials continue to stay inside the dewatering screen. The separated solid material is collected through the dewatering screen’s receiving port to complete dehydration.

Advantages Of Dewatering Screen

  • High-efficiency dewatering performance: Dewatering screen adopts unique screening structure and high-efficiency dewatering principle, which can quickly and effectively remove the water in the material, improve the dewatering efficiency and reduce the processing time.
  • Large processing capacity: the design of the dewatering screen usually takes into account the large flow, high concentration of material processing needs, can handle a large number of materials to meet the needs of large-scale production.
  • Good screening effect: Dewatering screen can effectively separate solid particles and water in the material through reasonable screening gap and screen surface design, to achieve accurate screening effect and improve product quality.
  • Easy to operate: Dewatering screen is usually equipped with automatic control system, easy and convenient operation, reducing the tediousness of manual operation and improving work efficiency.
  • Strong adaptability: Dewatering screen can be adapted to different material characteristics and processing requirements, through the adjustment of screening parameters and process conditions, can flexibly respond to a variety of production scenarios.
  • High durability: Dewatering screen is made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials with sturdy structure, which can run stably for a long time under the harsh working environment and reduce the maintenance cost.
Linear Vibrating Screen
Linear Vibrating Screen
Linear Vibrating Screen


The structure of dewatering screen mainly includes screen frame, screen mesh, vibration device, support base, feeding and discharging device and control system. The screen frame supports the screen mesh, which is used to separate the material and water. The vibration device generates high frequency vibration to improve the screening effect. The support base stabilises the whole unit, the inlet and outlet devices are responsible for material transport, and the control system automates the operation. All these parts work together to achieve efficient dewatering.

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