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Mineral Thickener

Mineral thickeners are recognized as the most cost-effective equipment for water recovery from concentrate and tailings streams.

  • Capacity:1.3-1140 t/24h
  • Application: dewatering process of concentrates and tailings in the mineral processing plant. Our thickener is specifically designed for the mineral processing industry and tailing processing.

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What’s a Mineral Thickener?

Mineral thickeners are recognized as the most cost-effective equipment for water recovery from concentrate and tailings streams. The concentrated slurry from the thickening process is transported to the tailings dam for disposal and the recycled water is returned to the processing plant.
In thickening (also called sedimentation), the solids in a suspension settle under the influence of gravity in a tank and form a thick pulp. This pulp, and the clear liquid at the top of the tank, can be removed continuously or intermittently.

Working Principle Of Mineral Thickener

To start with, mineral thickener works on the principle of Gravity sedimentation and the most common construction of a thickener would be iron or steel. The continuous thickener consists of a cylindrical tank. Pulp is fed into the center of the tank via a feed well placed up to 1 m below the surface of the suspension. The clarified liquid overflows a trough, while the solids that settle at the tank’s bottom are withdrawn as a thickened pulp from an outlet at the center. One or more rotating radial arms are there within the tank, from each suspended a series of blades shaped to rake the settled solids toward the central outlet.

Advantages Of Mineral Thickener

  • Increase the particle size of settling solid particles by adding flocculant, thus accelerating the settling speed;
  • The settlement distance is shortened and the installation of the inclined plate increases the settlement area;
  • Play the role of flocculation, filtration, compression and increase the treatment capacity of the thick layer of mud deposition;
  • Complete automatic control facilities are equipped.


The structure of Fine Sand Recycling Machine mainly includes sediment separator, Dewatering Screen, recycling water tank, conveying device and electrical control system. These parts work together to achieve efficient recovery, dewatering and recycling of fine sand, and at the same time ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine.

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ModelThickener TankSedimentation area (m2)Transmission speed(r/min)MotorCapacity(t/d)
Diameter (m)Depth (m)ModelPower(kw)

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