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Gold CIL Processing

  • CIL Carbon In Leach, the gold carbon leaching method, is the carbon leaching method for gold extraction. Normally, the CIL process can concentrate gold from 2.5–3.5 g/t in ore to 2000 to 6000 g/t in carbon.
  • The CIL gold process is suitable for beneficiating oxidized gold ore with low sulfur and mud content; Or process the gold tailings after gravity separation and mercury mixing.

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Gold Carbon In Leach Process

It is a process in which activated carbon is added to the pulp, and leaching and adsorption are carried out simultaneously. Simplifies leaching and cyanidation for the CIP process. The main gold CIL process flow: crushing, grinding, leaching, desorption electrolysis, tailings dewatering.

The CIL gold plant is complex as it involves the leaching and adsorption of competing species, the influence of cyanides, oxidizing agents and passivating agents and carbon attrition. However, we have over 38 years of experience in designing, controlling, and optimizing gold processing solutions for such a complex process. With our solution, high recovery, high profit and low cyanide concentrations can be achieved simultaneously.

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