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Simmons Cone Crusher
  • Applied Materials: Pebble, calcite, granite, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, limestone, coal gangue, construction waste, ferrosilicon, basalt, sandstone, cement clinker and so on.
  • Feed Size:100-1200mm
  • Motor Power:5.5-280KW
  • Processing capacity:5-700t/h

What is Simmons cone crusher?

Simmons Cone Crusher is a high-performance cone crusher with high oscillation frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke, which is designed and developed based on the principle of laminar crushing and the concept of more breakage and less grinding, based on the introduction and absorption of foreign technology. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks of medium and above medium hardness, and mainly consists of the frame, the fixed cone assembly, the movable cone assembly, the spring mechanism, the bowl-type axle frame section and the transmission and other parts. The auxiliary part consists of electrical system, thin oil lubrication system, and hydraulic cavity cleaning system. The fixed cone assembly mainly consists of adjusting sleeve, rolling mortar wall, etc. The moving cone assembly mainly consists of main shaft, moving cone, crushing wall, etc. The transmission part mainly consists of big belt wheel, transmission shaft, small bevel gear, big bevel gear, etc.

Advantages of Simmons cone crusher:

When the cone crusher works, the rotation of the motor through the pulley or coupling, the cone crusher drive shaft and cone crusher cone in the eccentric sleeve under the compulsion around a week of fixed points for the rotary pendulum movement. Thus, the crushing wall of the crushing cone is sometimes close to and sometimes away from the surface of the molar wall solidly installed in the adjusting sleeve, so that the ore in the crushing cavity is constantly subjected to impact, extrusion and bending effect to realize the crushing of the ore. The motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate through the bevel gear, which makes the crushing cone rotate and oscillate. The crushing cone approaches and leaves the fixed cone to complete the crushing and discharging. The support sleeve is connected with the frame body by spring pressure, when the crusher falls into the metal block and other unbreakable objects, the spring will produce compression and deformation, discharging the foreign matter, realizing the insurance and preventing the machine from being damaged. When unbreakable foreign matter passes through the crushing cavity or the machine is overloaded for some reasons, the spring insurance system of the cone crusher realizes the insurance and the discharge opening of the cone crusher is enlarged. The foreign matter is discharged from the crushing cavity of the cone crusher. If the foreign matter is stuck in the discharged ore, the clearing system can be used to make the discharge continue to increase, so that the foreign matter is discharged from the crushing cavity of the cone crusher. Cone crusher under the action of the spring, the discharge port automatically reset, cone crusher machine back to normal operation. The surface of crushing cavity is covered with wear-resistant high manganese steel liner. The size of the discharge opening is adjusted hydraulically or manually.

Simmons cone crusher working principle and structure

Simmons Cone Crusher works by the motor through the triangle belt, large pulley, drive shaft, small bevel gears, large bevel gears drive the eccentric sleeve rotation, the crushing cone axis line in the eccentric sleeve under the drive to do the rotary swing, so that the surface of the crushing wall is sometimes close to the surface of the crushing wall and sometimes away from the mortar wall, so that the material in the ring-shaped crushing cavity composed of the fixed cone and the moving cone is constantly subjected to impact, extrusion and bending and crushing.

Simons cone crusher applications

It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, road construction, chemical industry and silicate industry, and can be widely used in metal and non-metal mines, cement plants, construction, metallurgy, transportation, sand and gravel aggregate production and other industries. It is especially suitable for iron ore, gold ore, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, basalt, gabbro, quartzite and other hard and medium-hard ores and rocks.

Simmons cone crusher size

specificationModelDiameter of large end of crushing cone(mm)Discharge port adjustment range (mm)Recommended size of open side feed port for minimum discharge opening (mm)Maximum feed size (mm)Processing capacity (t/h)Main motor power(kw)Weight of the machine body (kg)
PSG 9000910914 (3′)9-221028545-916P   759980
PSG 130013131295 (4¼′)13-31137115109-1816P   16022460
PSG 160016201676 (5½′)16-38209178181-3276P   25043270

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