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Gold Melting Furnace

Gold Melting Furnace

  • Capacity:1-250kg
  • Application: melting gold, silver, jewelry, copper, platinum, palladium, rhodium, steel, aluminum, gold and silver powder, tin ash dross, and so on. Especially very popular and used in gold mining processing plants.

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What’s a Portable Gold Sluice Box?

Gold melting furnaces are designed to heat metal materials (mainly melting gold, silver, copper, jewelry) above their melting point, making them liquid. It is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry, casting metal parts and various metal processing and other occasions.

Working Principle Of Gold Melting Furnace

Early sluice boxes, such as those used during the Gold Rush, consisted of a simple wooden trough lined with raised obstructions placed at a 90° angle to the flow of the water.

These obstructions are referred to as “riffles”. When all of the gravel-gold mixtures was run through the sluice box, the water would be shut off, and the riffles were removed. The heavy materials, which contained the gold, would then be gathered. This extracted material is referred to as the “concentrate”. Several tons of gold-bearing gravel could be processed through the sluice box in this manner.

Mini/Small Gold Melting Furnace

Application: melting gold, silver, jewelry, copper and other metals.

Processing capacity: The melting furnace is suitable for small-capacity plants. (melting 1-3kg gold)

Features Of Mini/Small Gold Melting Furnace

  • Applies an SSR controller, alloying a heating element with a melting point of up to 1900℃;
  • Small and lightweight, making it easy to carry;
  • High-temperature proof ceramic induction melting gold furnace, high aluminum protection and other advanced top-quality components;
  • Unique design: all consolidate the electric melt furnace’s durability and working efficiency over the current market’s mini gold melting machine.

Product Specifications:

Input power1500W
Power supply(220V)50/60HZ,7A
Power supply(110V)50/60HZ,14A
Measurement accuracy±0.5%FS
Working environment0-50℃,30-85%RH
Net size310*360*370mm
Packing size380*380*420mm
Net weight11KG
Gross weight13KG
Max. temperature of the machine1150℃
Casting colororange, black, red

Tilting Gold Melting Furnace

Product Specifications:

Application: the induction furnace for melting gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, etc.

Processing capacity: The gold melting furnaces for melting large quantities of gold into ingots or bullion. (melting 10-250kg gold)

Features Of Tilting Gold Melting Furnace

  • The medium frequency electric gold furnace adopts Siemens IGBT imported power devices;
  • More integrated and miniaturized, the effective output power reaches more than 95%;
  • Using ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply, it saves 30% energy than traditional thyristor medium frequency;
  • Heating has good heat transfer and uniform temperature.

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Model(KW)Melting Capacity(kg)
Materialsteel,iron,gold,sliver,aluminum alloy
stainless steelplatinum,copperzinc alloy

Portable Gold Melting Furnace

Application: Mainly for melting gold, silver, copper, gold ash, gold sand, etc.

Processing capacity: The gold furnace can smelt 2-5kg gold.

Features Of Portable Gold Melting Furnace

  • The fastest heating is less than 1 minute, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled; the thermal efficiency is over 95%;
  • The portable induction gold melting machine is installed and easy to operate;
  • It has the electromagnetic stirring function to make the melt more uniform, which is beneficial to scumming, reducing impurities; making the melt or casting more bright;
  • Machine safety is reliable, greatly improving the manufacturability of the gold melting equipment efficient.

Cabinet Type Gold Melting Furnace

Application: The advanced equipment for melting gold, silver, copper, and other nonferrous metals.

Processing capacity: The gold melting furnace can easily be 100% full load with 24 hours of continuous operating. (Melting 1-8kg gold; Melting speed: 3-4.5 minutes)

Features Of Cabinet Type Gold Melting Furnace

  • The induction melting furnace applies IGBT technology, large output power and stable high efficiency;
  • Vertical furnace, cabinet-type housing, compact design;
  • Small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient maintenance;
  • The electric furnace has overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection,etc; which is safe and reliable.

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Product Specifications:

ModelCapacityVoltagePhaseInput CurrentOutput CurrentWeightSize

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