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Gemini Shaker Table

Gemini Shaker Table

Gemini shaker table is an important tool in mineral processing or laboratory testing, mainly used for sorting gold ores.

  • Application industry: Gemini shaker tables mainly used in gold mining, mining research and development, mineral processing plants, recycling and other industries.
  • Applicable materials: Gemini shaker tables are commonly used to sort and concentrate gold, tin, tantalum, tungsten, niobium, tungsten, iron, chromium, and other precious or base metals and are especially effective for fine gold recovery.

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What’s a Gemini Shaker Table?

The Gemini shaker can produce gold bar-grade products with high recovery rates from low-grade concentrates. It is a mineral processing method that mainly uses the differences in relative density, particle size, and shape between the mineral particles to be sorted and the differences in movement rate and direction in the medium (water, air, or other relatively dense liquids) to separate them from each other. Gemini shaker tables are known for their high recovery rates, making them a popular choice for mineral processing operations to extract valuable metals from ores.

Working Principle Of Gemini Shaker Table

 A broad, approximately rectangular bed surface allows the mineral particles to move in different directions according to their different densities and particle sizes. It starts from the ore feeding trough, spreads out diagonally in a fan shape, and is discharged along the edge of the bed in turn. The ore discharge line is very long. The raw slurry is fed from the upper left corner of the bed side, and flushing water is fed simultaneously. The mineral particles are affected by two movements on the bed surface.On the one hand, they move longitudinally along the bed surface; on the other hand, they move transversely along the bed surface. Eventually, the ore particles flow down in a fan shape and are divided into layers according to specific gravity. It can accurately produce various products with different qualities, such as concentrate, sub-concentrate, medium concentrate, and tailings.

Advantages Of Gemini Shaker Table

  • Large enrichment ratio and high recovery rate;
  • Can operate intermittently or continuously, with single-phase or three-phase power supply;
  • Equipped with high-quality components and durable materials for long service life;
  • Low environmental impact, low energy requirements and low maintenance.
  • Typically with adjustable parameters such as platform inclination, travel and frequency.


Gemini vibrating table consists of a transmission device, electric motor or diesel engine, slope regulator, bed, ore tank, water tank, lubrication system, etc.


Operating dimensionsLength(mm)149021802800
 Bracket width(mm)6707001750
 Wash Water(L/Min)122538
Approximate packed dimensionsLength(m)1.422.22.8
Packed weight est(Kg)300420540

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