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Mini Gold Dredge

Mini Gold Dredge

mini-series of gold dredges with a smaller volume is specifically designed to operate in extremely remote and challenging locations.

  • Application: For the river sand in some areas where the river water is shallow, there are many stones, and large-scale mining is difficult, placer gold recovery is used.

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What’s a Mini Gold Dredge?

new series of “Mini Gold Dredger” with a gold chute can achieve a high recovery rate, a small-scale gold extraction equipment for extracting sand from river channels. Powered by HONDA engine with pump, float is made up of high-strength and lightweight plastic. There are advantages that are smaller in size, and easy to transport, so it is widely used for mining gold in mini river channel.

Working Principle Of Mini Gold Dredge

Trommels are installed on a small angle to the horizontal or use a series of internal baffles to transport material along with the cylinder.

When the feeding material enters the roller trommel, due to the tilt and rotation of the trommel, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled, so that the qualified material (under-screen product) is discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the rear end of the roller, and the unqualified material (upper-screen product) is discharged through the discharge port at the rear of the trommel.

Advantages Of Mini Gold Dredge

  • Portable, small in size: easy to operate, maintain, transport and assemble, it is most ideal equipment for personal gold mining in mini river channel. 
  • Hot sale all over the world: Had been exported to more than 15 countries, such as Ghana, Philippines, Vienam, Russia, North Korea, Indonesia, Gabon, America and so on. 
  • High efficiency:   It is equipped with a gold chute with gold carpet for high recovery rate. 
  • Quick return, high profits:  It is highly efficient with low cost, a good gold mining machine. 
  • Standard quality: Diesel engine power system, float framework is made up of stainless steel structure, the floating body is made of high strength and light weight plastic, which means the main body of the machine is stong, durable and low failure rate.     
  • Customization design: According to the different geological condition,  capacity requirement planning and the customers budget, provid the most ideal product for investor.


The Mini Gold Dredge is a small piece of equipment designed to excavate, screen and recover gold particles in water. It usually consists of an excavation bucket, engine, float and sifter, and the overall structure is compact, suitable for small-scale gold mining and exploration work.


MODEL2-inch pump X13-inch pump X12-inch pump X2
Specifications (l * w * h)3300 * 1300 * 10003500 * 1500 * 12003700 * 1700 * 1200
gasoline engine
machine typeSingle cylinder air-cooled gasoline engineSingle cylinder air-cooled gasoline engineSingle cylinder air-cooled gasoline engine
Power (kW)357
Rotating speed3600rpm3600rpm3600rpm
brandDomestic / HondaHondaHonda
Sand pump
caliber50mm (2 inch)75mm (3 inch)50mm (2 inch) x2
Net weight (kg)254025×2
Gold Sluice
MaterialStainless steel plateStainless steel plateStainless steel plate
Specifications (l * w * h)2000mm * 500mm * 250mm2400mm * 600mm * 250mm2400mm * 800mm * 270mm
Gold Sluice with Sluce MatWith blending gold blanket and gold jacketWith blending gold blanket and gold jacketWith blending gold blanket and gold jacket
Floating bracketGalvanized steel pipe welding processingGalvanized steel pipe welding processingGalvanized steel pipe welding processing
Floating materialChemical bucket / polyethylenePolyethylenePolyethylene
RemarkAccessories and hosesSupporting pipe fittings and hosesSupporting pipe fittings and hoses

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