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Gold Sluice Box

Gold Sluice Box

Vibrating sluice box ( pulsating sluice ) is a new type of placer gold mining equipment developed on the ordinary fixed gold sluice box.

  • Gold sluice box is one of the most popular gold mining equipment, which consists the steel structure and carpets. Customizable sluice boxes for gold mining, all types of materials and sizes.
  • Application: Sluice box is normally used in gold washing plants, it’s been widely used to recovery gold directly together with trommel screen.

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What’s a Gold Mobile Gold Sluice Box?

Vibrating sluice box (pulsating sluice) is a new type of placer gold mining equipment developed on the ordinary fixed gold sluice box. The vibrating sluice box is a gravity separation machine, mainly used for the placer gold mines. It combines the advantages of fixed chutes and jigs, over the shortcomings of silting-up, harden, has a very good effect on recover fine gold.
Some small or medium scale plants specific in Africa rely on the gold sluice box for the primary concentration of nugget gold as well as very fine particle gold, both can be achieved in the same pass.

Working Principle Of Gold Sluice Box

The water washed through the gold trough, bringing clay, sand and other impurities to the counter-current end. Due to the high density of gold, it will stay. Most of the gold will be left on the sticky gold blanket at the lower end of the gold sink, or it will be deposited in the slow water block. The gold trough is widely used in placer gold mining, whether it is a small or large mine.

Advantages Of Gold Sluice Box

  • Low price, no electric power need, lightweight, easy installation.
  • Adjustable combined with grizzly feeder, hopper, trommel scrubber, vibrating screen, centrifugal concentrator; Install the gold carpet/mat to catch the fine and coarse gold.

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