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Placer Gold Processing

  • Placer gold, or alluvial gold, is mixed with mud, sand, and gravel. The common methods of placer gold beneficiation include gravity separation, flotation, mercury amalgamation, etc.
  • Application: The alluvial/ placer gold process mainly for washing or processing seaside placers, riverside sand, alluvial ore, chrome, manganese ore, copper, etc.

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Placer Gold Beneficiation Process

The placer/alluvial gold mining process is designed to maximize the recovery of gold and associated heavy minerals from gangue. Then, gold is separated from associated heavy minerals through a combined mining scheme of gravity, flotation, magnetic and electrostatic separation.

  • Ore washing operation: The important process before the placer gold separating operation. Its main purpose is to separate the gravel, sand and granular soil, and wash the fine mud adhering to the gravel and the gold ore mixed in it.
  • Screening operation: Main purpose for screening the placer gold ore after washing, and screening out large pieces of gravel without gold, so as to improve the gold recovery efficiency.
  • Gravity separation process: Since gold is in a free state in placer gold, and the specific gravity difference between gold and sand is obvious, the gold gravity separation method is ideal for extracting gold from placer ore.
  • Concentrate operation: When gold contains various metal minerals or impurities, it can use gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation, electric separation or combined processes to separate each other to further improve the grade of gold.

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