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Single cylinder Cone Crusher

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

Crushing Equipment & stone crusher

  • Applied Materials: Limestone, coal gangue, granite, bluestone, construction waste, cobble, pebble, basalt, iron ore, quartz, calcite, concrete, cement clinker and some metal, etc.
  • Feed Size:300-1300MM
  • Motor Power:37-400KW
  • Capacity:30-2000TPH

Single cylinder Cone Crusher for sale

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher is a high-efficiency crushing equipment with advanced single-cylinder hydraulic structure and crushing technology. It is capable of crushing materials of various hardnesses quickly and evenly, and is widely used in mining, gravel quarry, construction and other fields. Compact structural design, easy operation and excellent crushing effect make the Single Cylinder Cone Crusher an indispensable and important part of modern production line.


  • High-efficiency crushing: Unique crushing chamber design and optimized crushing principle enable the materials to be fully subjected to the crushing force in the crushing chamber, thus improving the crushing efficiency and meeting the demand of high-efficiency production.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: advanced hydraulic system and lubrication technology ensure the equipment to operate efficiently while reducing energy consumption and noise, reducing dust emission, and actively responding to environmental protection policies.
  • Easy operation: the application of automatic control system realizes one-button operation, simplifies the operation process, reduces the operation difficulty, and improves the ease of use of the equipment.
  • Convenient maintenance: reasonable structural design and easy replacement of wearing parts greatly shorten the downtime for maintenance, improve the overall utilization rate of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost.

Application Scenarios

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher is suitable for various sizes of crushing production lines, and it especially excels in occasions where high efficiency crushing is required. It can crush metal ores such as iron ore and copper ore, as well as non-metallic ores such as limestone and basalt. Whether it is mining, construction aggregate production or gravel processing, single cylinder cone crusher can provide you with reliable and efficient crushing solutions.

working principle

The working principle of single cylinder cone crusher is mainly based on cone crushing principle. When the motor is started, the drive shaft and the cone section are driven by the pulley or coupling to do the rotary oscillation movement under the compulsion of the eccentric sleeve. During this process, the cone crushing wall is sometimes close to and sometimes away from the surface of the molar wall fixed on the adjusting sleeve, thus forming a crushing chamber. When the materials fall into the crushing chamber from the top of the crusher, they will be continuously squeezed and milled, thus realizing crushing. The crushed materials are discharged through the outlet at the lower part of the crushing chamber.

It is worth mentioning that the single-cylinder cone crusher is also equipped with a hydraulic insurance system. When non-crushable foreign materials fall into the crusher or the machine is overloaded for some reasons, the hydraulic system will automatically start the insurance mechanism. At this time, the moving cone will move downward to increase the size of the exhaust port, so that the foreign material can be discharged from the crushing chamber. This design effectively protects the crusher from damage and improves productivity at the same time.

Structural Characteristics

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher is mainly composed of cylinder body, dynamic cone assembly, eccentric sleeve assembly, transmission part and hydraulic cylinder. Among them:

  • Cylinder body: it is the support structure of the whole crusher and also the main place of material crushing.
  • Dynamic Cone Assembly: It includes the main shaft, inner cone and its liner plate and other parts. The inner cone realizes rotation and swinging under the resistance of material and the joint action of eccentric sleeve, so as to crush the material.
  • Eccentric sleeve assembly: It is the key component to drive the cone to rotate and swing. It realizes material crushing by driving the main shaft and inner cone to rotate with the theoretical vertical line as the center.
  • Transmission part: mainly consists of motor, pulley or coupling and other parts, responsible for transferring the power of motor to each moving part of the crusher.
  • Hydraulic cylinder: it is the insurance device of the crusher. When the crusher encounters unbreakable foreign materials or overload, the hydraulic cylinder will push the moving cone downward to increase the discharge opening, so that the foreign materials can be discharged from the crushing chamber.


ModelCavitiesFeeding Size (mm)Maximum Feeding Size (mm)Minimum Discharging Size (mm)Power(kw)Capacity (t/h)
F33525 70-90

After-sales service

Equipment installation and commissioning: professional technical team to guide the installation and commissioning, to ensure that the equipment is put into operation smoothly.
Technical training: provide comprehensive technical training and operational guidance to ensure that you master the equipment operating skills.
Warranty service: the main parts of the equipment enjoy warranty service, so that you can buy worry-free.
Maintenance support: provide fast response maintenance support services to ensure that equipment failures are resolved in a timely manner.
Parts supply: provide original parts supply service to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

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