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Shaking TablesShaking Tables

In gravity separation, the shaking tables (gravimetric tables, shaker tables) are the most widely used and efficient sorting equipment for fine ore separation. 

  • Capacity: 10-20 t/d, Some model max capacity up to 60 t/d
  • Application: Tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, titanium, manganese, iron ore, coal, etc.

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What’s a Shaking Tables?

The shaking table beneficiation is not just applied as an independent beneficiation method. Still, it is often combined with equipment such as jig separators, centrifugal concentrators, spiral classifiers, spiral chutes, etc.

Shaking Tables Principle
Shaking Tables Principle

Working Principle Of Shaking Tables

The ore are fed from the ore feeding trough at the corner of the shaking table bed, and the horizontal flushing water is supplied from the feeding trough. Mainly on an inclined bed surface, with the help of the combined action of symmetrical reciprocating motion of mechanical stone slabs and thin-layer inclined plane water flow. The mineral particles on the bed surface according to specific gravity and water flow impulse so that the minerals are sorted according to different densities. Finally, the ore particles with different specific gravity and particle sizes gradually flow down in a fan shape along their respective directions of movement. It’s discharged from other areas on the concentrate end and tailings side of the shaking table, respectively, thus forming concentrate, middlings and tailings.

Advantages Of Shaking Tables

  • It is often connected with gold trommel scrubber, trommel screen, centrifuge concentrator, sluice box and other beneficiation equipment, and is used in alluvial Gold Processing Plants
  • It has the advantages of high enrichment ratio, good separation efficiency, easy care, easy adjustment and simple operation, and can obtain the final concentrate and tailings at one time;
  • The bed surface is flat, has good corrosion resistance, is durable, not easy to deform, has a long service life, and does not need to be replaced frequently;
  • Easy installation, simple operation, low cost, high cost performance, good sorting performance and stable indicators.
Shaking Tables
Shaking Tables
Shaking Tables


The structure of Shaking Tables mainly consists of table tops, vibration systems, control systems, sensors and safety devices.

Shaking Tables Structure
Shaking Tables Structure

Customer site

Shaking Tables Customer site
Shaking Tables Customer site
Shaking Tables Customer site


Deck typeUnitCoarse sandFine sandSlime DeckThree different kinds of decks are available
Beneficiation Aream27.
Deck SizeLengthmm445044504450300021001100
transmission end widthmm18551855185513201050500
Concentrate end widthmm1546154615461100850430
Maximum Feeding Sizemm20.50.150.1-20.074-20.074-2
Feeding Amountt/d30-6010-2015-250.4-1.5t/h0.3-0.8t/h0.05-0.2t/h
Feeding Density%25-3020-2515-2510-30
Water addedt/d80-15030-6010-170.3-1.5t/h0.2-1t/h0.1-0.5t/h
Transverse slope of Deck/2° 30-4° 301° 30-3° 301° -2°0 -10°0 -8°0 -10°
Longitudinal slope of Deck/1.40.92————————
Cross-section Shape of Deckrectangularsaw toothtriangleAvaliable rectangular, saw tooth, triangle
Motor PowerKW1.

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