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Gold Centrifugal ConcentratorGold Centrifugal Concentrator

The centrifugal concentrator can also recover the tailings of gold, chromite, scheelite and other heavy minerals.

  • Capacity: 0.5-60 TPH
  • Feeding size: 0-6mm
  • Application: Single gold recovery of alluvial gold, vein gold ore, and polymetallic ore, and separating tailings; and can also be used for the beneficiation of gold-bearing heavy sand washed by chute and gold dredger.

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What’s a Gold Centrifugal Concentrator?

The gold centrifugal concentrator rotates at a high speed, generating a high “G” force, which can separate small gravity recovery gold (less than 50 microns). The centrifugal concentrator can also recover the tailings of gold, chromite, scheelite and other heavy minerals. So as to make better use of the mineral concentrate. With its low cost and good recovery of fine minerals, the application of centrifugal concentrators is becoming increasingly important worldwide.

Working Principle Of Gold Centrifugal Concentrator

Gold centrifugal concentrator is a gravity enhancement device. The powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor is used to accelerate the settling speed of particles in the liquid. It mainly separates materials with different sedimentation coefficients and buoyancy densities in the materials.
Heavy minerals precipitate on the inner wall of the drum and become concentrate, which rotates with the drum. The light minerals are washed away on the surface of the concentrate layer along the slope of the drum and become tailings; they flow into the ore receiving trough and then flow into the tailings trough through the ore discharge separator.

Advantages Of Gold Centrifugal Concentrator

  • Often connected with gold trommel scrubber, trommel screen, shaking table, sluice box and other beneficiation equipment, used in alluvial Gold Processing Plants.
  • Recovering fine gold from alluvial gold ores with extremely efficient, and low cost.
  • Continuous output of concentrate and tailings, high concentrate yield, recovery rate, and high enrichment ratio.
  • Low production cost, good wear resistance of wearing parts, simple maintenance, compact design, small footprint, easy to integrate into the process of the existing concentrator


Gold Centrifugal Concentrator mainly consists of rotating bowl, driving motor, feeding and discharging system, which separates heavy minerals and light minerals in gold ore by centrifugal force through high speed rotation.

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ModelCapacity (t/hr)Feeding Size(mm)Feeding Density(%)Power Requirement
Cone Rotate SpeedBack Water Required(m3/h)Dimension(mm)

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