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Rod mill

Beneficiation Equipment & Powder Grinding Mill

  • Materials: Gold ore, iron ore, copper ore, manganeseore, rock phosphate, limestone, cement clinker potassiumfeldspar, quartz, coal, ceramics, etc.
  • Feeding Size:<25mm
  • Discharging Size:0.075-0.4mm
  • Capacity:0.65-615t/h

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Hammer crusher for rod mill

The grinding medium in the barrel of the rod mill is a steel rod, hence the name. It is usually indicated by the code name MB. The rod mill is available in both dry and wet forms, and users can choose according to their actual conditions. According to the discharge method, the wet rod mill can be divided into three types: [overflow rod mill, open rod mill, and peripheral rod mill], and the overflow rod mill is the main one. It can be used as a first-class open-circuit grinding, and is widely used in first-class grinding equipment in concentrators, artificial stone sand, and chemical plant power departments. The rotation mode of the rod mill is to reduce the rotation of the reducer and the surrounding large gears or drive the surrounding large gears to decelerate and rotate by the low-speed synchronous motor, and then drive the barrel of the rod mill to rotate. A grinding medium – steel rods is installed in the barrel. The medium is lifted to a certain height under the combined action of friction and centrifugal force; It falls in a converging or abandoning state. The material to be ground is continuously entered into the cylinder by the feeding port, crushed by the rigid rod, and then the finished product is discharged out of the rod mill through the power of overflow and continuous feeding for the next process.

Features of Ball Mill

  • Uniformity of product size: The product size of rod mill is uniform, with less coarse particles and sludge, and the characteristic curve of product size in open-circuit operation is very similar to that of ball mill in closed-circuit operation. In addition, the rod mill has the role of selective crushing coarse particles and selective protection of fine particles, making the product size more uniform.
  • High efficiency and energy saving: compared with the old stone grinding equipment, rod mill can save power up to 40%~60%. At the same time, it adopts horizontal structure, running more smoothly, higher operating efficiency.
  • Widely used: Rod mill is usually suitable for wet fine crushing, coarse grinding of various hardness of ore materials, often used in construction sand and ore dressing process as grinding material equipment. Especially in tungsten and tin ore and other rare metal ore re-election plant or magnetic separation plant, in order to prevent the valuable minerals from over-crushing, rod mill has a wide range of applications in the rough grinding stage.
  • High degree of automation: rod mill has a high degree of automation and can realise automatic production, including automatic feeding and discharging, which improves the production efficiency and product quality.
  • To sum up, rod mill with its product size uniformity, high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of applications and high degree of automation, performs well in a variety of grinding operations. For more specific information, it is recommended to consult the professional literature related to rod mills or consult experts in related fields.

Application of rod mill

The characteristic of the rod mill is that in the grinding process, the grinding medium is in linear contact with the ore, so it has a certain selective grinding effect. The particle size of the product is relatively uniform, and the over-crushed ore particles are less. When used for rough grinding, the throughput of the rod mill is greater than that of a ball mill of the same specification. Vice versa.


Model specificationsCylinder size(mm)Shell rotation speed
Feed size
Discharge particle size
Gross weight

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