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Mobile Jig ConcentratorMobile Jig Concentrator

Mobile Jig Concentrator

The jig concentrator is widely used to beneficiate tungsten, tin, gold, diamond, gemstone, hematite, limonite, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead-zinc, tantalum, niobium, etc.

  • Capacity:1-25 T/H
  • Feeding Size:<25 mm
  • Type:Wet separation, dry separation
  • Application:Jig concentrator is a gravity separator machine used to separate coarse grain ore in alluvial gold, crushed rock gold, coltan, tin, tungsten, diamond, barite, iron, manganese, fluorite, garnet, etc.

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What’s a Gold Mobile Jig Concentrator?

Mobile jig concentrator also called portable jig separator, is one of gravity separation equipment. It is a deep groove sorting operation, that uses water as the beneficiation medium and uses the difference in the specific gravity of the selected minerals to the gangue for sorting.

Mobile Jig Concentrator
Mobile Jig Concentrator

Working Principle Of Mobile Jig Concentrator

The mixture of mineral particles of different specific gravities is layered by specific gravity in a vertically moving variable-speed medium flow (water or air). The ore particles with a small specific gravity are located in the upper layer, and the larger ore particles are located in the lower layer, and then they are separated into products of different specific gravity by mechanical action and water flow, and are respectively discharged.

Advantages Of Gold Mobile Jig Concentrator

  • Highly efficient processing – The mobile jig plants have many advantages, such as high recovery rate, large capacity, low water consumption, simple operation and high safety.
  • Low water and electricity requirements – Compared with other recovery systems, the portable jig plant can be operated with less water. It can run efficiently when the pulp density is up to 40% (weight). In contrast, the mortar/shoal system works best in the 10% solids content range.
  • Fine gold recovery system – Mounted small trommel screen or trommel scrubber for one-stop ore (gold, diamond) washing and separation plant.
  • Portability – The jig concentrator is equipped with wheels for more convenient deployment; fixed type also supports custom.
Mobile Jig Concentrator
Mobile Jig Concentrator
Mobile Jig Concentrator
Mobile Jig Concentrator


Mobile Jig Concentrator mainly consists of mobile chassis, feeding system, jigging chamber, water flow system, discharge system and power transmission part.

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ModelJig Area (M2)Stroke (R/Min)Feeding size (mm)Hutch Water ( T/H)Pressure Water (kg/cm2)Capacity;(T/H)Power;(KW)Overall dimensions (mm)Weight (T)

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